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StressMyPC 4.44 Crack If you need to test your computer’s performance to ensure it is running at optimal capacity, then it is a good idea to run a stress test and analyze the results. StressMyPC is a small, lightweight, and useful tool for the job. It actually does not require any installation, so you can run it directly from a USB drive on the computer you need to evaluate.StressMyPC has a simple and straightforward interface, which gives you the option to choose what type of test you want to initiate. It doesn’t provide a lengthy description of the inner workings of each process, rather a brief one.

This is really helpful if you are a novice user, and want to check your computer’s performance.StressMyPC can stress-test the GPU (graphics processing unit), the CPU (central processing unit), or the hard drive itself, and if there is more than one hard drive detected, all of them will be tested. It is worth noting that the developer states that overclocked or unstable systems ‘could’ crash during the testing process. You have been warned! Let’s see! How long can your laptop battery hold a charge, or let your PC sweat! The handling is very easy.

At the top of the screen are three buttons that allow us to activate the stress test for the graphics card, CPU, and hard drives. With a size of only a few Kilo Byte, is the Stress Test Program a lightweight, but the program brings your PC quickly to the limit. In some situations it is useful to push your PC to the limit: for example, to measure the minimum battery life on a laptop or ultrabook, or to test the system for stability after the CPU has been overclocked. The little tool StressMyPC does exactly that: a full load of your hardware.StressMyPC is also suitable for a cooling test of freshly overclocked computers. WaninUnstable and overclocked systems can be crashed.
StressMyPC is very simple but comfortable to use. I did not want to win a beauty contest whit this PC stress test program. The primary goal is to create a very high load on the PC with a very small program. And that even the normal user does not start to sweat because of all the buttons and menus in the program, so no “stress the user” effect, but rather a “let the PC sweat” Prog.


  •  StressMyPC : Start / Stop the stress-test
  •  Paint-Stress: Simple stress for the graphics (GPU)
  •  Aggressive CPU-Stress: Aggressiv stress for the CPU(s)
  •  HD-Stress: Stress for the hard drive

What’s New:

  •  StressMyPC : Start / Stop the stress-test
  •  Paint-Stress: Simple stress for the graphics (GPU)
  •  Aggressive CPU-Stress: Aggressiv stress for the CPU(s)
  •  HD-Stress: Stress for the hard drive

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