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Rocrail 15840 Crack is an open-source application able to control a model train layout from one or more computers. It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Raspberry Pi, and uses the wxWidgets toolkits. The utility provides support for automatic and manual modes for controlling the trains via blocks, routes, schedules, and complex patterns. The program employs a server and client that work hand in hand via Internet protocols. It is not mandatory to run them both on the same computer.

Rocrail Torrent can be used from a single PC connected directly to the layout, and you may control your layout from any computer on your home network or over the Internet. It also offers support for a web-based interface that empowers you to run the layout from various web browsers. The server (Rocrail Crack) works with a wide range of controllers, namely Märklin’s 6051, the Uhlenbrock Intellibox, Loconet, SRCP connections such as DDL/DDW, and others. The client (Rocview) connects to the server over the network and can be used for planning the layouts. Rocrail 15860 (64-bit) Keygen offers you the freedom to configure the way the locomotives are controlled in detail. You may start with setting up locomotives, blocks, sensors, and routes, blocking events, and tweaking block occupancy. The application lets you create multiple workspaces that include all files needed by the Rocrail Crack server to control a layout, work with a modular layout, make use of the R2Rnet network for making roaming trains travel from system to system, and enable various command stations

.Furthermore, you can create staging blocks divided into multiple detection sections, tweak manual signals in automatic mode, define user actions to control anything, set up schedules for a realistic train flow, turn on the random automatic control, and work with symbol themes in SVG. All in all, Rocrail Crack comes with a comprehensive suite of features for helping you control a model railroad layout manually and/or automatically. The advanced pack of options makes it suitable, especially for professional users.

What’s New?

  • Rocweb a Browser-based client without any installation on any mobile devices and operating systems
  • Extensive support for common Command Stations, including DIY projects
  • Free choice of language of the graphical user interface (GUI). If necessary, these languages can be expanded
  • One can use as many independent and different command stations simultaneously as needed
  • Random route selection or automatic target search using drag & drop
  • Finder option Finder allows automatic searching of routes and “home” location for locomotives
  • Train-mass simulation to realize a load-dependent acceleration performance
  • Schedule operation with multifarious configuration dependencies and time models
  • Support of Modular layout by dividing the track layout across multiple plans and clients
  • Block/routes permissions by parameters such as era, train length, engine type, etc.
  • Priority and reservation system to avoid getting bogged down in random or automatic mode
  • Freely definable dynamic text output for the control of sound programs or external text displays
  • Weather simulation with real or model time support, for a broad range of different systems
  • Freely adjustable user defined symbols for the Layout themes, finished themes are available for many countries
  • Realistic switchboard function with start/finish button control
  • Fiddle-Yard-, Turntable- and Staging-Block- control
  • Support Car-System with specially optimized functions


  • R2Rnet network support for roaming trains.
  • The unlimited number of sectional track diagrams.
  • Supports many Command Stations.
  • Critical section support to avoid deadlocks.
  • Manual controlled signals in automatic mode.
  • User-defined actions to control anything.
  • Fiddle Yard control with shared sensors and FIFO.
  • Schedules for a realistic train flow.
  • Build-in Digital Direct Control Station.
  • Modular Layout support.
  • Operates unlimited digital systems simultaneously.
  • Only one feedback contact per block is required.
  • Sensor simulation for testing without a connected model railroad.
  • Symbol themes in SVG.
  • iRoc: the ultimate iPhone and iPod Touch throttle/client.
  • andRoc: the Android throttle/client.
  • Roch: the Java client for Pads and MIDs.
  • Dynamic text for ‘speak’ announcements.
  • Track plan analyzer for finding and creation.
  • Multilanguage support.

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