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Boxcryptor 2.48.1906 Crack Storing your data in the cloud comes with both positive and negative aspects. From the technical specifications, it is clear that passwords, password keys, and file keys never leave the user’s devices. The user keys, group keys, and company keys are always encrypted and are stored on the Boxcryptor Key Server. When it comes to the decryption process, the password is used to unlock the private key, as well as the wrapping key which is used to unlock all other keys in the system. The only types of keys stored in plain text on the Boxcryptor Key Server are public keys.

Boxcryptor currently supports two-factor authentication through Duo Security integration. This is only available for Duo Enterprise users, so if you are on a free or paid Duo Security Business plan, you won’t be able to use the feature – for now. The team at Boxcryptor told me they are working on moving on from Duo and expanding the two-factor authentication feature in the near future.

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Boxcryptor isn’t a secure cloud service, but an added security layer for one of the supported cloud providers. They currently support 24 providers.

The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X, as well as all the most common mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile). There’s also a beta version for Chrome, but due to the complex nature of running this type of service inside a browser, it’s currently a bit buggy.

As Boxcryptor boosts security for the data stored with other providers, you’ll need to have the client app of the provider installed on your computer. In the newly created Boxcryptor folder, you’ll find sub-folders for each detected cloud storage provider. Right-clicking any of the files will open the Boxcryptor menu. After encrypting a file, it will take a second or two for the cloud provider client application to detect the change and perform the sync.

Boxcryptor 2.29


An important feature of Boxcryptor is the ability to share files with users and groups. You can select a specific user or create a group that will include selected users. I had some slight issues with sharing files over Google Drive, but everything worked OK when I tested Box.

The company account administrators can use the web interface to do perform customization. Through the interface, they can manage and view users and groups, analyze their activity, set up notifications for failed attempts, and tighten up security by setting up different security policy elements. It’s all very simple to use: install, set up an encrypted folder, designate a drive letter for it, and enter the password you’ll need to access its contents.

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